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If you are a Student or a Parent of a Class 5th Student and searching for where to Download a class 5 computer book pdf. We have researched the best computer book for you. Computer Science plays a great role in the academic curriculum from class nursery to higher classes like graduation. So it’s very important to learn Computer from a basic class like a nursery. This Computer book will really help you to prepare for the class 5th Computer examination and here is a Free Jobs Guide that will really help you.

Importance of Computer Science

In this modern world, Everything is on Computer from Kitchen to Ration Store Computers plays a great to simplify our life. Computer Science becomes very important in every aspect of our life. So we need to train our kids to learn Computer Science from basic Class like Nursery, and this pdf book will really help you.

Features of Class 5 Computer book pdf

  • According to our research, this class 5 computer book pdf will really help Class 5th Students to learn the basics of Computer Science.
  • This book is more Convenient for beginners who are new to learning Computer Science because the main concepts are given in a clear and lucid format.
  • In this Computer Book, the topics are given in clear and sequence-wise so that the class 5th students will understand every topic clearly. So if you are studying in the class 5th then this Computer book is more suitable for you.

Book Details

Book NameClass 5 Computer Book PDF
PDF QualityBest
Total Pages65
Download Size3.75 MB
Download PlaceGoogle Drive

Book Content


  1. Inserting Tables
  2. Selecting no of rows and Columns
  3.  Inserting new row and Column
  4.  Merging the cells.
  5. Filling the color in cells.
  6. Alignment in the table (vertical and horizontal)
  7. Table borders
  8. Draw Table


  1. Manipulating Paragraph
  2.  Selecting
  3. Moving  Copying
  4. Page Layout menu
  5.  Margins Setting
  6.  Orientation
  7.  Paper size (Legal & A4)
  8.  Page Borders
  9. Indentation
  10. Wrap Text / Positioning Image


  1. Working with Sheets
  2. Creating Deleting Sheets
  3.  Renaming Sheets
  4.  Copying Moving Sheets
  5.  Inserting New Row and Column
  6. Deleting Hiding the Rows and Columns
  7.  Changing the width and height of the column and row.
  8. Find and Select the data in a given range.
  10. Gridlines
  11.  Freeze Panes
  12. View side by side
  13.  Synchronous Scrolling


  1. Introduction to Multimedia
  2.  Definition
  3.  Uses of Multimedia
  4. Hardware and Software required
  5.  Media Player
  6.  How to open and use
  7. Sound recorder
  8. How to open and use
  9. Movie Maker
  10.  Inserting Image
  11.  Setting timeline
  12.  Publishing movie


  1. Design Menu
  2.  Slide Designs
  3.  Transition Menu
  4.  Different Effects on Slides
  5. Animation Menu
  6.  Different Effects on Object
  7. Viewing Presentation in Different ways
  8.  Managing Slides in the Slide Sorter View
  9. Running a Presentation in the Slide Show View
  10. Previewing and Printing a Presentation
  11.  Selecting Page Setup Options
  12.  Printing a Presentation
  13.  Showing presentation using Projector


  1. Review of Internet
  2.  Introduction to Internet
  3. Web Browsers
  4.  Websites
  5. Search Engines
  6.  Exploring the different websites
  7.  KVS Website
  8. Vidyalaya’s Website
  9.  Wikipedia
  10. Edustrokes

Unit – VI Sample Papers


According to our research, this Class 5th Computer book in Pdf fulfills all the requirements for students who really want to learn Computer Science. So we highly recommend this book, especially for the students of class 5th. In this Computer book, the syllabus is given according to NCERT guidelines so highly useful for every Class 5th Student.


We are not owner of this book. This Pdf Book is available free on the Internet and we use this PDF book only for Educational Purposes. If anybody have any copyright claim then please Email us: at and we will remove this Pdf book Immediately.

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