Top 5 Maths Worksheet For Class 2 With Answers Pdf

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Are you a student or a parent of class 2nd and looking for the best Maths worksheet for class 2? Here we have prepared the top 5 mindblowing worksheets for class 2 students. In these worksheets, you will get all math concepts like Number counting, Addition, subtraction, and time-related worksheets. You can download these worksheets in Pdf for print and future references

Maths Worksheet For Class 2

Math worksheets for Class 2 are important as they help students to practice basic math concepts in a fun and structured way. Worksheets always improve problem-solving skills, boost confidence, and prepare students for more complex topics. Worksheets also make learning enjoyable, enhancing overall understanding and performance in math.

Top 5 Worksheets

Worksheets No: 1

This worksheet expresses the counting of Apples and write the proper number in the given place. Students need to count the given apples and give the proper number in the space provided.

maths worksheet for class 2

Worksheet No: 2

In this worksheet, the class 2 student needs to count the flowers given in the basket and write down the proper answer given in the given place.

maths worksheet for class 2

Worksheet No: 3

In the worksheet, no 3 the students need to do addition and subtraction of the given numbers.

maths worksheet for class 2

Worksheet No: 4

In worksheet no 4, the students need to find the missing number and write the missing number in the given place like 9 + …… = 12. So the missing number is 3

maths worksheet for class 2

Worksheet No: 5

The last worksheet is about time. The name of this worksheet is “What is the Time”. Students need to look at the given watch diagram and write down the exact time in a given space.

maths worksheet for class 2

Download All Worksheets in Pdf

If you want to download the above worksheets in Pdf format for print and want to share them with your class teacher and friends then download the worksheet below.


The above-given maths worksheet for class 2 is important because all the basic concepts of mathematics like counting the number, finding the missing number, addition and subtraction, and all time-related exercises are given in these worksheets

All Subjects Worksheets for Class 2

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