Model Activity Task Class 7 History Part 1 Answer Solution

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The chapter Introduction: Tracing Changes through a Thousand Years of class 7th NCERT Syllabus. We have prepared a details solution of the model activity task class 7 history part 1. The answer solution is prepared by highly qualified teachers.

Details of Model Activity Task Class 7 History Part 1

In this article, we have covered all questions and solutions like short answer questions, true-false, and fill-in-the-blanks. All answer solutions are given below one by one

Let’s Recall

Q No: 1 Who was considered a “foreigner” in the past?


In the past, anyone who belonged to a different region, culture, or kingdom was often considered a “foreigner.” This term was used to describe individuals who were not from one’s own community or nation.

Q No: 2 State whether true or false:



(b) True

(c) True

(d) False

Q No: 3 Fill in the blanks:


(a) Archives are places where historical records/documents are kept.

(b) Ibn Battuta was a fourteenth-century chronicler.

(c) Maize, potatoes, groundnut, chillies, and tobacco were some of the new crops introduced into the subcontinent during this period.

Let’s Understand

Q No: 6 In what ways has the meaning of the term “Hindustan” changed over the centuries?


Over the centuries, the meaning of the term “Hindustan” has evolved. In ancient times, it referred to the region around the Indus River. During medieval times, it was used to describe the Delhi Sultanate. Later, it came to represent the entire Indian subcontinent, including modern-day India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Q No: 7 How were the affairs of Jatis regulated?


The affairs of jatis (castes) were regulated through social norms and customs. Each jati had its own rules regarding occupation, marriage, and social interaction, which were followed by its members to maintain social order and harmony.

Q No: 8 What does the term pan-regional empire mean?


The term “pan-regional empire” refers to an empire that spans across multiple regions or territories. It implies the control and administration of a vast area under a central authority, often characterized by political, economic, and cultural integration.

Let’s Discuss

Q No: 9 What are the difficulties historians face in using manuscripts?


Historians face difficulties when using manuscripts due to factors such as illegible handwriting, fragile condition, language barriers, and the need for specialized knowledge to decipher ancient scripts, making interpretation and analysis challenging.

Q No: 10 How do historians divide the past into periods? Do they face any problems in doing so?


Historians divide the past into periods based on significant events, cultural changes, or political transitions. However, there can be disagreements and challenges in determining exact boundaries and categorizing complex historical developments, leading to different interpretations and periodization.


According to the above-given answer solutions of model activity task class 7 history part 1 . Its clear all these model activities questions are very important for the class 7th final exam. If you prepare the above answer solutions and we assure you will get a 100% score in your class.

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