My best Friend Essay for class 3 Guarantee to Get 100% Score

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Five Key Points you should remember while writing My best friend essay for Class 3

Five Key Points to Write on my best friend essay for Class 3

1. Introduction

Always introduce your friend like you could say something like, “My best friend’s name is Rahul and I love spending time with him because he is very honest.”

2. Appearance

Describe what your friend looks like. For example, you could say, “My friend has black hair and dark blue eyes. He is 5 feet tall and he always dresses and looks really cool.”

3. Personality

Talk about what kind of person your friend is. Are they funny, kind, adventurous, shy, outgoing, or something else? Give specific examples to show why you think they have these traits.

4. Activities

Describe some of the things you and your friend like to do together. Do you play sports, draw pictures, or tell each other stories? What makes these activities fun for you?

5. Conclusion

Sum up why your friend is so important to you. Maybe they always make you laugh, or they’re always there to listen when you need someone to talk to. Whatever it is, make sure to end your essay on a positive note. A simple essay is given below and learn all things how to write mind-blowing essays always.

Full Essay on My best friend essay for class 3

My best friend’s name is Rahul and I love spending time with him because he is so much fun! Rahul has long brown hair and bright blue eyes. He is taller than me, but not too tall, and he always wears the coolest clothes.

Rahul is also really funny and kind. He loves to make silly jokes and always makes me laugh. He is also really good at listening when I need someone to talk to. I know I can always count on him to be there for me.

One of our favourite things to do together is play Football. We go to the park near our house and kick the ball around for hours. Sometimes we play other games too, like tag or hide and Cricket as well. We also like to draw pictures and tell each other stories.

Rahul is really good at drawing animals, and I love to hear his stories about dragons and princesses. I’m so lucky to have Rahul as my best friend. He always makes me happy every day and I don’t know what I’d do without him. I hope we can be friends forever!

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