NEET or JEE Which is Best for Girls in the Year 2024 Full Guide

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Dear friends, In this article we’re going to talk about choosing the right path for your future. Have you heard about the NEET and JEE exams? These exams are big discussions for you to become a doctor or an engineer. But here’s the big question which one is better for girls like you? Here is a full guide for you and after reading this article you will be able to find your career like to become a Doctor or Engineer easily.

What is NEET and JEE

In simple words, NEET is a test for those who want to become a doctor. It’s all about understanding our amazing bodies and how to keep them healthy. On the other hand, JEE is for future engineers. They learn how to build cool stuff like bridges and buildings etc.

Challenges Faced by Girls

You might know, that being a girl in this world sometimes comes with extra challenges. But Girls can do anything they put their minds to and become doctors or engineers Sometimes people might think girls can’t be doctors or engineers, but that’s just not true. Girls can do anything at all.

Advantages of NEET Exam for Girls

Now, let’s talk about why the NEET Exam might be great for girls. Imagine being able to help people when they’re sick that’s what doctors do. Because there are lots of amazing women doctors and they save lives every day. You could be one of them to help as a doctor

Advantages of JEE for Girls

neet or jee which is best for girl

On the other hand, if you love building things and solving problems, JEE might be the way to go. Engineers make our world better by creating new inventions and finding solutions to big problems. And yes, girls can be awesome engineers too all the time throughout the world.

How to choose a NEET OR JEE

neet or jee which is best for girl

So, how do you decide? Well, think about what you love to do. Do you enjoy learning about the human body and helping others and saving their lives? Or do you prefer to make our country beautiful through gadgets and figuring out how things work? Your interests and dreams will guide you to the right path of your life. So always decide your future and career be carefully.

Some Myths About Girls

Some people might say girls can’t be doctors or engineers, but that’s just not true. Girls are just as smart and capable as boys as we see in this digital age. So Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Believe in yourself and follow your dream always and find your better dream

Girls Applied for NEET 2023

A total of approximately 20.24 lakh candidates appeared for NEET 2023. Among them, 11.8 lakhs were female, and 9.02 lakh were male. So it’s clear girls participate more as compared to boys and become famous doctors.

Girls Applied for JEE 2023

Not only girls participate in the NEET Exam, but also Around 2.6 lakh female candidates participated in the JEE 2023 as well. So you might be clear about the participation of girls in these prestigious exams.


In conclusion, we’ve reached the end of our discussion on Which Exam is Best for Girls in the Year 2024 NEET or JEE. Remember, whether you choose NEET or JEE, Believe in yourself, follow your passions, and you’ll soar to great heights. The world is waiting for amazing girls like you to make a difference always.

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