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The following points given below will give full summary of this book

  1. “The Outsiders” is a cool book about friendship and being yourself.
  2. This book is written by S.E. Hinton a long time ago, but people still love it today.
  3. The story happens in the 1960s and talks about two groups of teenagers: the Socs and the Greasers.
  4. The main character, Ponyboy, is a Greaser, and he has great friends like Johnny and Dally.
  5. One night, Ponyboy and Johnny get into trouble with some Socs, and things get tough.
  6. They learn important things about being brave and helping each other.
  7. The book teaches us not to judge people by how they look or where they come from.
  8. It shows us that friends can be like family, even if they’re not related.
  9. “The Outsiders” is exciting and makes you feel lots of emotions.
  10. You should read it if you want to make a fun and laugh.


In conclusion, “The Outsiders” is a really awesome book to read. It teaches us about friendship, bravery, and not judging others. We learn that friends can be like family and that it’s important to stay true to ourselves. So, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting story, then read this PDF “The Outsiders Book”

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