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If you are searching for the Book Word Power Made Easy in Pdf format, then free jobs guide will help in getting this Pdf book for free. Word Power Made Easy is a great book for developing English vocabulary in a great way, because this book is designed according to the needs of the student who are learning English words. In this article, we review this book and give you a Pdf Copy for free.

Why the English Language is Important

In this modern world, mostly everything we see today in the English language like Global Communication, Education, Technology, Travel, Advertisements, etc. So, there is great value and importance of the English Language.

Role of Word Power and Vocabulary in English Language

There is a great role of English Grammar and Vocabulary or Word Power in the English Language, because every sentence is made by the use of Grammar and vocabulary. So we need to develop our Word Power and according to our research, The Word Power Made Easy book is more suitable for English Vocabulary.

Features of Word Power Made Easy book Pdf

  • In this book, you will find good words and practice of daily using words.
  • Word Power Made Easy is best because this book covers everything which you need to develop your word power.
  • This book is more convenient for beginners who are new to learning English Words because the main concepts are given in a clear and lucid format.
  • This book provides a wide range of practice questions on every topic, so you can practice well before sitting in any examination hall. So this is a great feature of Word Power Made Easy Pdf

How to Score Well in the English Language

If you want to Crack any competitive exam, you need to score well in English Language Sections because most of the students are failing here. So here we guide you on How to score well in the English Language.

  1. Understand basic rules of English Grammar like Sentences Tenses, verbs, Noun etc
  2. Always Practice Grammar Rules, so that you get a clear understanding
  3. Learn and use a wide range of vocabulary.
  4. Be attentive and correct your own mistakes.
About Word Power Made Easy Book
Book NameWord Power Made Easy Pdf
Total Pages562
Downloading Size19 MB
PDF QualityGood
Original BookBuy At Amazon

Book Contents


  1. How to Test Your Present Vocabulary
  2. How to Start Building Your Vocabulary
  3. How to Talk about Personality Types
  4. How to Talk About Doctors
  5. How to Talk About Various Practitioners
  6. How to Talk About Science and Scientists
  7. How to Talk About Liars and Lying
  8. How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive


  1. How to Talk About Actions
  2. How to Talk About Various Speech Habits
  3. How to Insult Your Enemies
  4. How to Flatter Your Friends
  5. How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive


  1. How to Talk About Common Phenomena and Occurrences
  2. How to Talk About What Goes On
  3. How to Talk About a Variety of Personal Characteristics
  4. How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive Test
  5. How to Check Your Standing as an Amateur Etymologist
  6. How to Keep Building Your Vocabulary
  7. Test Your Grammar
  8. Random Notes on Modem Usage
  9. How Grammar Changes
  10. How to Avoid Being a Purist
  11. How to Speak Naturally
  12. Do You Always Use the Proper Word?
  13. Some Interesting Derivations
  14. How to Spell a Word
  15. Take This Spelling Test
  16. Another Check on Your Spelling


According to our Research Word Power Made Easy book is suitable to develop efficient word power. As we have seen nearly 70% of English Vocabulary comes directly from this book, so we provide this Word Power Made Easy in Pdf format to help every student.


We are not the Owners of this book. This Pdf Book is available free on the Internet and we use this PDF book only for Educational Purposes. If anybody have any Copyright Issue then please Email us: at freejobsguide.info@gmail.com and we will remove this Pdf book Immediately.

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