Best English Grammar Worksheets For Class 2 With Answers

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English worksheet for class 2 is the best way to make your English language creative. Here are some of the main reasons why English worksheets are important for class 2 students. Here we are going to provide you Best English Worksheet For Class 2 With Answers.

Importance of English Worksheet for Class 2

  • With the help of English worksheets, you can develop your language skills through basic grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary.
  • English worksheets always help in improving the reading and writing skills of class 2 students. Students will learn to comprehend texts, understand the meaning of words, and write simple sentences.
  • With the help of English, worksheets students learn new words. which helps in building their vocabulary. Because good vocabulary is essential for effective communication.

English Worksheet For Class 2 are given below

English Grammar is the bedrock of every class who wants to become fluent in the English language. So, here are prepared Grammar Worksheets for class 2 like Noun, Pronoun, Adjective verbs etc

Worksheet No: 1 Circle the Noun Words

  1. The sun is shining brightly.
  2. My mother cooked dinner for us.
  3. The children played in the park.
  4. The blue car drove down the street.
  5. She bought a new dress for the party.
  6. The teacher wrote on the whiteboard.
  7. We saw a rainbow after the rain.
  8. His bike is parked outside the house.
  9. The baby cried all night.
  10. The bird sang a beautiful song.

Answers For Noun

  1. Answer: sun
  2. Answer: Mother, dinner
  3. Answer: children, park
  4. Answer: car, street
  5. Answer: dress, party
  6. Answer: teacher, whiteboard
  7. Answer: rainbow, rain
  8. Answer: bike, house
  9. Answer: Baby, night
  10. Answer: bird, song

Worksheet No: 2 Fill the blanks with Verb Words

  1. The dog …………… loudly at the mailman.
  2. My sister ………… in the choir at church.
  3. The children ………… together in the park.
  4. The boy …………… fast in the race.
  5. She …………… a book before bed.
  6. The teacher …………. on the board.
  7. We ………….. in the pool on hot days.
  8. The girl …………. over the puddle.
  9. The baby ………….. when he is hungry.
  10. The bird …………… a beautiful melody.

Choose the Right Answer

Sings Barks Runs Played Swim Writes Reads Jumps Cries Sings

Answers For Verb

  1. Answer: barks
  2. Answer: sings
  3. Answer: played
  4. Answer: runs
  5. Answer: reads
  6. Answer: writes
  7. Answer: swim
  8. Answer: jumps
  9. Answer: cries
  10. Answer: sings

Worksheet No 3 Circle the Adjective Words

  1. The cute puppy played with the ball.
  2. My new backpack is red and black.
  3. The big elephant trumpeted loudly.
  4. The soft blanket kept me warm.
  5. She wore a beautiful dress to the party.
  6. The blue sky was clear and sunny.
  7. We saw a scary movie at the theatre.
  8. The little girl giggled with joy.
  9. The tasty pizza had lots of cheese.
  10. The shiny car drove down the street.

Answers For Adjective

  1. Answer: cute
  2. Answer: new, red, black
  3. Answer: big, loudly
  4. Answer: soft, warm
  5. Answer: Beautiful
  6. Answer: blue, clear, sunny
  7. Answer: scary
  8. Answer: little, joy
  9. Answer: tasty, lots
  10. Answer: shiny

Worksheet No: 4 Circle the Adverb word

  1. She sings beautifully in the choir.
  2. The boy runs fast in the race.
  3. The children played happily together in the park.
  4. He speaks softly to his baby sister.
  5. The teacher writes on the board clearly.
  6. We swim in the pool on hot days often.
  7. The girl jumps over the puddle carefully.
  8. The baby cries loudly when he is hungry.
  9. The bird sings a beautiful melody sweetly.
  10. He walks slowly to the store.

Answers For Adverb

  1. Answer: beautifully
  2. Answer: fast
  3. Answer: happily
  4. Answer: softly
  5. Answer: clearly
  6. Answer: Often
  7. Answer: Carefully
  8. Answer: loudly
  9. Answer: sweetly
  10. Answer: Slowly

Worksheet No: 5 Circle the Pronoun Words

  1. He rode his bike to the park.
  2. My mother made me breakfast this morning.
  3. They walked to school together.
  4. The cat chased its tail in circles.
  5. She gave him a present for his birthday.
  6. We all went to the movie theatre after dinner.
  7. He asked her to dance at the party.
  8. The books on the shelf are theirs.
  9. She laughed at the funny joke.
  10. He saw himself in the mirror.

Answers for Pronoun

  1. Answer: He, his
  2. Answer: Me
  3. Answer: They
  4. Answer: its
  5. Answer: She, him, his
  6. Answer: We, all
  7. Answer: He, her
  8. Answer: Theirs
  9. Answer: She
  10. Answer: Himself

Worksheet No 6 Circle the Preposition Word

  1. The book is under the desk.
  2. She walked through the park to get to school.
  3. The dog ran around the yard.
  4. He put the pencil in the box.
  5. The butterfly flew over the flowers.
  6. They sat beside each other on the bench.
  7. She drew a picture of the sun above the clouds.
  8. He hid behind the tree during hide-and-seek.
  9. The boy threw the ball toward his friend.
  10. The cake was baked in the oven at 350 degrees.

Answers for Preposition

  1. Answer: under
  2. Answer: through, to
  3. Answer: around
  4. Answer: in
  5. Answer: over
  6. Answer: beside, on
  7. Answer: of, above
  8. Answer: behind, during
  9. Answer: toward
  10. Answer: in, at

Worksheet No 7 Find out the Conjunction Word

  1. My favourite colour is blue or green.

2. I like to play outside when it’s sunny and warm.

3. I want to eat pizza but I’m allergic to tomatoes.

4. We can watch a movie or play a game tonight.

5. I woke up early because I had a big test at school today.

6. The dog barked loudly so the cat ran away.

7. I have a bike so I can ride it to school.

8. She sang a song and danced to the music.

9. He likes to play basketball but his brother likes to play soccer.

Answers for Conjunction

  1. or
  2. and
  3. but
  4. or
  5. because
  6. so
  7. so
  8. and
  9. but


The above given English worksheets for class 2 are important in order to get excellence in the English language. These worksheets are on parts of speech in English grammar. Hope you like these worksheets

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