Model Activity Task Class 6 Geography Part 4 Answer Solution

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Are you a student of class 6th and searching for a model activity task class 6 Geography part 4 answer solutions? Free Jobs Guide prepared detailed answers of all these questions which are given in the chapter Maps.

Model Activity Task Class 6 Geography Part 4

Model Activity Questions given in chapter 4 “Maps” like short answer questions and tick right answer etc are given below

Answer the following questions briefly

(a) What are the three components of a map?


The three components of a map are title, symbols/legends, and scale.

(b) What are the four cardinal directions?


The four cardinal directions are north, south, east, and west.

(c) What do you mean by the term ‘the scale of the map’?


The term ‘scale of the map’ refers to the relationship between the distances on the map and the actual distances on the Earth’s surface. It helps measure distances accurately and understand relative sizes on the map.

(d) How are maps more helpful than a globe?


Maps are more helpful than a globe because they provide more detailed information, can be easily carried, show specific areas in larger scales, and can be customized for different purposes and features.

(e) Distinguish between a map and a plan?


A map represents a larger area or region, providing information about its physical features, boundaries, and spatial relationships. A plan, on the other hand, is a detailed representation of a specific area, often showing structures, layouts, and measurements.

(f) Which map provides detailed information?


A topographic map provides detailed information about the physical features of an area, such as landforms, elevation, vegetation, and water bodies, making it suitable for detailed analysis and understanding of the terrain.

(g) How do symbols help in reading maps?


Symbols help in reading maps by representing various features such as mountains, rivers, roads, and cities in a concise and visual manner. They provide a quick and clear understanding of the map’s information without the need for lengthy descriptions.

Tick the correct answers

(a) Maps showing the distribution of forests are
(i) Physical map

(ii) Thematic Map

(iii) Political map

Answer: (ii) Thematic Map
(b) The blue color is used for showing
(i) Water bodies

(ii) Mountains

(iii) Plains

Answer:(i) Water bodies
(c) A compass is used –
(i) To show symbols
(ii) To find the main direction
(iii) To measure the distance

Answer: (ii) To find the main direction
(d) A scale is necessary
(i) For a map

(ii) For a sketch

(iii) For symbols

Answer: (i) For a map


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