Model Activity Task Class 6 History Part 3 Solved Answers 2023

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Are you a student of class 6th and searching for model activity task class 6 history part 3 all solved answers? Then you are at right place, here Free Jobs Guide prepared all solutions of the model activity task for class 6th History subject.

Model Activity Task Class 6 History Part 3

All questions solutions like Matching questions and short answer questions

Let’s recall

Q No: 1

How do archaeologists know that cloth was used in the Harappan civilisation?


Archaeologists have found evidence of spindle whorls and terracotta figurines of people wearing draped garments in Harappan sites. These findings suggest the use of cloth in the Harappan civilization.

Q No: 2 Match the columns
Copper Gujarat
Gold Afghanistan
Tin Rajasthan
Precious stones Karnataka


Copper – Rajasthan

Gold – Karnataka

Tin – Afghanistan

Precious stones – Gujarat

Q No: 3 Why were metals, writing, the wheel, and the plough important for the Harappans?


Metals were important for making tools, weapons, and ornaments. Writing helped in record-keeping and communication. The wheel facilitated transportation and trade. The plough aided in agriculture, increasing food production for the Harappans.

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Q No: 4 Make a list of all the terracotta toys shown in the lesson. Which do you think children would have enjoyed playing with the most?


Terracotta toys found in archaeological excavations from various ancient civilizations include animals, dolls, miniature carts, and figurines. Children might have enjoyed playing with different toys based on their interests, such as animals for imaginative play or miniature carts for role-playing.

Q No: 5 Make a list of what the Harappans ate, and put a tick mark against the things you eat today.


Here is a list of food items that the Harappans ate, with tick marks indicating those that are commonly consumed today:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Peas
  • Sesame
  • Dates
  • Melons
  • Fish
  • Meat

Q No: 6 Do you think that the life of farmers and herders who supplied food to the Harappan cities was different from that of the farmers and herders you read about
in Chapter 2? Give reasons for your answer.


Yes, the lives of farmers and herders who supplied food to the Harappan cities were different from those mentioned in Chapter 2. The Harappan farmers and herders were part of an organized urban civilization, while this chapter referred to early farming communities with simpler lifestyles.

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Q No: 7 Describe three important buildings in your city or village. Are they located in a special part of the settlement (e.g. the Centre)? What are the activities that take place in these buildings?


Following are the important buildings are located my village at Centre include school, hospital, and Panchayat office. In schools children’s are getting their education, In small hospital peoples are treating their health And also in my village there a panchayat office which operates the working and development of my village


According to above- given answers of model activity task class 6 History part 3. All answer solutions are given in simple and to the point so the class 6th student can understand well. If you follow all these answers carefully and we assure you will do better score in you class.

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