Model Activity Task Class 8 History Part 1

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Are you a student of class 8th and searching for model activity task class 8 history part 1 answer solutions? Then you are at the right place here we have prepared all model activity solutions in this single article. These model activity tasks are prepared by highly qualified teachers.

Model Activity Task Class 8 History Part 1 Solution

There are different kinds of model activity tasks are given in Chapter 1 How, When and Where of class 8th.

Let’s Recall

Q No: 1 State whether true or false

(a) False. James Mill divided Indian history into three periods – Hindu, Muslim, and British.

(b) False. Official documents do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of the people of the country. They primarily provide information on government policies, actions, and decisions.

(c) True. The British considered surveys important for effective administration as they helped gather data and information about the land, resources, population, and other aspects necessary for governance.

Let’s Discuss

Q No: 2 What is the problem with the periodization of Indian history that James Mill offers?


The problem with James Mill’s periodisation of Indian history is that it oversimplified and divided it into just three periods – Hindu, Muslim, and British. This approach ignores the complexity, diversity, and richness of India’s history, disregarding the contributions of various indigenous kingdoms, empires, and cultures that existed before and during the Muslim period.

Q No: 3 Why did the British preserve official documents?


The British preserved official documents to maintain records of their policies, actions, and decisions. These documents helped them in governance and administration by providing information about land, resources, population, and other important aspects of their rule.

Q No: 3 How will the information historians get from old newspapers be different from that found in police reports?


The information historians obtain from old newspapers will differ from that found in police reports. Old newspapers give a wider perspective on events, opinions, and everyday life of the time. On the other hand, police reports provide specific details about crimes, incidents, and official records, focusing more on law enforcement and legal aspects.

Let Us Do

Q No: 5 Can you think of examples of surveys in your world today? Think about how toy companies get information about what young people enjoy playing with or how the government finds out about the number of young people in school. What can a
Do historians derive from such surveys?


In today’s world, surveys are conducted by toy companies to gather information about children’s preferences and interests in order to design toys that appeal to them. Similarly, the government conducts surveys to determine the number of young people enrolled in schools. Historians can derive insights about changing trends, preferences, and social patterns by studying such surveys, providing valuable information about societal changes over time.


According to the above-solutions of all model activity tasks of class 8th History are given in simple and to the point. So the class 8th student can understand well and prepare all these questions and answers.

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